Dengue fever?

Dengue fever?
It’s a serious matter, isn’t it and learnt that its a band name blend with Khmer pop and westerner rock.Featuring Zac Holtzman, Ethan Holtzman, Senon Williams, David Ralicke, Paul Smith and Lead Singer Chhom Nimol.


I learn they are about to play on 1 June at FCC, a romantic place for me for every occasion.
As a Saturday evening good night out for me and my hubby to relax for the week days stress out.
We are here at 9 sharp and start chit chat around while queuing to get our drink exchange.
Most people who living and working in Siem Reap show their faces in this event and many young khmer joined with excitement.

9:20 some people start relax on the ground waiting for the featuring. About 10pm sometime, start to welcome the crowd and the place alive for the night. Firstly Instrumental with followed by a popular oldies Khmer song.
Active music and live performance , only a thing I don’t get the meaning even thought I asked the people around. Some says the lady singer ascent is slightly not clear enought. May be its her performance or because of the song was being 1960. All goodies oldies Khmer music become modern rock because of her return.

One thing clear that she can load enough and well present of Khmer. After seven continuous singing of Khmer song, a bit boring for a expatriate like me. If I do want to listen Khmer song, why do I need to see this show as many incredible khmer singers are here already. Ah I forget its her return, right? I am missing the part that she is return.
And the band already itself they are blend with Cambodian Pop song with American Rock. Its true blending!

Thank you so much for coming to the show. I am so happy to be here.
Alright shake your body move ….. Rock n roll ….

by Chhom Nimol 10:18pm @ FCC Angkor

She’s asking are you ready…. more and more applause for her to continue till chill out and a man joined for duet song which so amuse and active. She is amazingly good for high note sound. Special song for Siem reap for her 9th song. Dram music made shake your body baby!!!


One more then she ask you feel good? along with her answer I feel good. Then she sang a english song.
Shall we dance all night long? Ummm, may be.
Anyway we enjoy among the friends… Live music.
I Feel alive again with her return

She sign an hour for non stop for her crowd not to shake only some jump already for the music. Admired her performance, she tried to take break as non stop singing more than 14 songs.
Crowd also non stop calling for her while her break time, she just have a minute or two to breath, but she still smile and come back on stage seem like she have full energy.


Thank you so much for waiting long long time. I will try to come every year.

See you next year at 11:30

Photo section and DJ music turn on and people still enjoying the party time under the disco light on the ground. Some already created Pool Party.


Even thought I do enjoy a lot, I suddenly remember of my two baby kitten at home waiting for me.
Lets call a day, I will remember her and her’s la la la lalala la!

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